About us

Story about BANWO and how it began:

It started in August 2010 when we (some of us like-minded moms) residing in the San Francisco Bay Area came together to provide children to have complete cultural experience and value Nepali language and tradition. We wanted our children to learn Nepali language and culture so that our children will respect and know their Nepali roots. We started Nepali classes every Sunday in Belmont, CA. Every year we got stronger and committed to teach our kids and to serve by being the organization people trusted, an organization that consistently met the needs of those we served. 

After the two major Earthquakes in Nepal (7.8 Richter scale on April 25th 2015 and 7.3 Richter scale on May 12th 2015), BANWO has refocused its effort in serving the Bay area and help the earthquake victims in Nepal. Our focus is to distribute emergency relief and provide short term relief (shelter, food and medicine) and long-term recovery (health posts and schools) for the people affected by Earthquake in Nepal.

So far we have been very successful in providing immediate relief; food, tents for shelter, and medicine to the affected people and we are still working towards it. We have also set up a mobile health camp to serve the villages that had not received any medical help. We are working closely with grass root organizations and hospital in Nepal for the immediate relief effort.

BANWO is 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  Please click here to check the eligibility from the IRS website.


What we do …

Fund raising events

Broken brick clines stills in operation.jpg IMG_1593 (640x640).jpg medicene.jpg Transported baby food to 2500 children, who loses their houses.jpg 19.jpg