After the Mega Earthquake of 7.8 reciter scale on April 25th, 2015 in Nepal, the Bay Area Nepali Women Organization (BANWO), and  INDUZ , started to work collectively with ADHAR and Jyoti Hospital in Nepal for the same cause: helping the people affected by Earthquake.

  • We raised funds, medicines, tents and clothing in the Bay area
  • Within 48 hours we were able to dispatch the first batch of medicines to Kathmandu.
  • We shipped 2400 lbs of medicine supplies which were donated to us. Each 50 lb box is hand carried as extra luggage for $175.
  • We got overwhelming support from our friends in the Bay Area during cloth, and medicine collection drive in Fremont.
  • In Nepal, ADHAR and Jyoti Hospital started Mobile Health Camps in the remote villages.
  • And here in the bay area we are reaching out to organizations, temples, churches for their support.

Bay Area Nepali Women Organization’s involvement in the immediate relief and rebuilding effort right after the 7.8 reciter scale earthquake on April 25th 2015 in Nepal:

Relief Effort before the 2nd earthquake of 7.3 reciter scale on May 12th 2015

  • 156 patients treated in Kathmandu
  • 1000 electrolyte packets distributed to Children in Mahadevstan, Kavrepalanchowk
  • 600 Children received fortified food in Mahadevstan, Kavrepalanchowk
  • Food (45 Sacks of Rice, 10 Sacks of Beaten Rice, 5 boxes Cooking Oil, 2 Sacks of Lentil, 50kg Sugar, 20 Boxes of Ramen noodles, 20 dozen Biscuits and 50 boxes of snacks distributed to Phulping  Dada- 8 VDC,  Bhinjel ,Sindhupalchowk and Jalbire, Madkha VDC, Sindhupalchowk


What we do …

Fund raising events

help.jpg Receiving relief materials from LEADERS Nepal’s vehicle.jpg Transported baby food to 2500 children, who loses their houses.jpg Bhakta Dai Working.jpg Slide5.PNG