Nepali Language and Culture Activities


We’ve been organizing Nepali Class to teach Nepali to our kids. Our class is divided into two levels: level 1 and level 2.

Level 1: Kids learn to sing National Anthem, learn the Nepali alphabets, colors, numbers and different body parts, foods and words needed in everyday life. The age range for this level is 4 years to 8 years.

Level 2: This level is targeted to kids who know basic Nepali language. The focus of this level is more to our culture as well as spoken Nepali. The age range is 9 years and up. The curriculum is customized according to the need of the children in the class.

Mission of Our School

Help our children to learn Nepali Language and develop an individual a creative in thinking, practical in action, emotionally mature and grounded on our values.

Nepali Language:

The children will learn to read and write Nepali alphabets. Upon completion of the lessons the children will be able to write their name in Nepali followed by the names of their parents, siblings.  The instructor will also read stories that have valuable message. The children will participate in Nepali plays and perform on annual functions.


The children will learn varieties of Nepali culture, traditions, festivals and their significance on real life situation.  They will learn to celebrate festivals.  They will learn importance of family, community, relationship and how one can contribute to building wonderful community. They will also learn important culture, tradition and etiquette of other countries in brief.

Problem Solving & Personality Development (PSPD):

The children will learn to identify, analyze and solve their personal and common problems using tools and technique given by their instructor. They will learn to conduct surveys and prepare projects suitable to their age.  The children, upon completion of the lesson, will not only be able to solve problems but develop leadership abilities that are inevitable for this challenging world. They will learn to work in group, live together and achieve our goal of respect for self and others.

Music & Dance:

The children will learn our national anthem, both folk and modern dance. They will also learn to write songs, sing in group and at individual level.

Method of Instructions will be child centered, interactive and there will be ample use of materials. Audio, Video, Quiz, group discussions, Debates, Games and Dramas will be prime instruments of instruction thereby ensuring one hundred percent of attendance through out the year.


What we do …

Fund raising events

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